Ecowar Anarcho Punk


2015 Tour

Ecowar are planning a European tour in October/November 2015.If you want the band to play in your town get in touch. The band is also on facebook.
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2010 Tour

The band has been having a break while James has been fighting the ecowar for real as a crew member for Sea Shepherd in Antarctica and the Mediterranean sea. Check the Sea Shepherd website for more info on this direct action ocean conservation society. Now In August and September gigs are being booked. Stay tuned...
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2008 Tour

To mark our Ten year anniversary, Ecowar will be doing a European tour and releasing a Best of CD. The CD is titled Ten Years and features some of the classic tracks that have defined our sound over the hundreds of shows played in that time.

There are also 4 previously unreleased songs to make this CD something special even for those who already have all our albumns.

Check our gig listing for tour information.....Cheers
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2005 Tour

Ecowar Band Photo ECOWAR are back after their tour of U.K. Holland & Ireland this year.

Playing a new batch of songs recorded at Villa Friekens, Amsterdam, this high-powered, hard-rocking Anarcho-Punk Duo are headed for Eastern & South Central Europe.

Ecowar have been playing since 1998, have released 3 CDs and played across Europe from Ireland to Serbia, Spain to Norway. In 2002 ECOWAR toured Australia recording their "Defending the Land" CD in Darwin.

Ecowar Band Photo Over the past 8 years, the core members of ECOWAR - James Brook on guitar & Ernie on drumkit have brought an energetic, bright vibe to the underground music scene with high-powered political punk music reminiscent of CRASS.

Other performers have joined the band along the way including a violinist, acrobats, KATEYE film projections and in Australia keyboards and extra guitar. Audiences can hear classic punk rock, bits of folk and techno elements in their style.

Ecowar Band Photo ECOWAR will be performing as a lean mean raw rocking duo this season.

Music to add fuel to the continuing activist revolution. Let's Go!

ECOWAR again want to thank all the hard working gutsy people who help organising and supporting our tours over the years.

Respect and Thanks.