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Photographer Bas Baltus

Photographer Bas Baltus

Photographer Bas Baltus


Fighting Spirit

Ecowar are a folk punk outfit formed in the squats of the European protest movement with talented local songwriter James Brook as front man and guitarist. They've toured all over Europe, from Amsterdam to Czechoslovakia and are about to tour Australia, so watch out for these firebrands as they spread the call to anarchy and dissent.

In this recording the emphasis is on the punk rather than the folk, harder and more electric than Screech Tramps which was James' local outfit. Those who lust for the old days of blistering punk with a social conscience, a musical call to arms that makes you jump and thrash around uncontrollably, this is the stuff. It's damn refreshing, especially when compared to later incarnations of the thrash genre, which is so often all noise and no thought.

Newspaper Article, by Alice Burton

Northern Territory News June 6 2002

Unpredictable and exciting, the legendary Netherlands based punk folk band Ecowar is in Darwin. Credited with the underground sounds of Europe, the quartet will perform at Throb nightclub tonight as part of the club's concept Fuel. Fuel presents live bands every Thursday night to get Darwin's party scene ready for the weekend. Ecowar has travelled the globe performing in Paris, Germany and Spain and will end its national tour in Darwin. Australian born singer/songwriter James Brook leads Ecowar with his full-throated vocals and lyrics.

Projection specialist Katja will ply her trade as part of Ecowar's dynamic and colourful stage show treating punters to film blueprints, while percussinist Ernie will wow crowds with her distinctive swing-punk drumming style.

Ecowar Press Photo Paul Virtax will spin up a storm on the keyboard alongside Tasmania-based guitarist Michael Dred, who has joined the group for their national tour. Local Larrakia musician June Mills, who is known for her powerful art, music, theatre and poetry, will support the acclaimed act.

Her incisive lyrics and strong voice blend together aspects of indigenous culture in a unique performance. Don't miss the talents of these artists performing at Throb Nightclub, Smith St, Darwin, tonight. Doors open at 10pm, Entry is $8.

Newspaper Article

Northern Territory News May 31 2002

The underground sounds of Netherlands-based folk-punk quartet Ecowar can be heard at Throb Nightclub next week. This band has travelled the globe performing in Paris, Germany and Spain and will end its Australian tour in Darwin. Australian born singer/songwriter James Brook leads Ecowar with his full-throated vocals and lyrics.

Projection specialist Katja will ply her trade as part of Ecowar's dynamic and colourful stage show, while percussionist Ernie will wow crowds with her distinctive swing-punk drumming style. Paul Virtax will spin up a storm on the keyboard. Tasmanian-based guitarist Michael Dred has joined the group for its Aussie tour. Don't miss the talents of these internationally renowned artists performing at Throb, Smith St, on June 6. Doors open at 10pm, entry is $8.

Newspaper Article

Ecowar Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article

The Sun May 29 2002

The sounds of underground Europe will hit Darwin next week when Netherlands based folk/punk band Ecowar perform at Throb. As the final leg of their Australian tour the internationally renowned performers offer a rare opportunity for locals to see a unique show with high-energy rhythms, dancing and coordinated film projections.

Ecowar Press Photo For four years Ecowar have been entertaining crowds all over the world with full-throated vocals, determined lyrics, swinging musical sounds and visual effects. They have been up to their knees in snow at the Czech border, at Moroccan Cafes in Paris, at German beer barns, at Swiss wagon camps, industrial art festivals and out to the people of the war ravaged Balkans. Now, after travelling 3000km from the East Coast they are set to bring Darwin folk an experience they won't easily forget.

The quartet include singer/songwriter James Brook, percussionist Ernie Ingenhausen, Paul Virtax on keyboards, and projection specialist Katjs, bring their individual talents together to create a show that promises a little of everything. The 16mm film projections that feature in the show compliment the music and come from Holland's Kateye Cinema, adding colour and dynamic visuals. Ecowar will perform next Thursday at Throb nightclub from 10pm and entry costs $10.

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"Violence isn't the only revolutionary path"

D. Ecowar - your music reminds me of a cross between Chumbawumba/Crass and Conflict, for our readers less familiar with this brand of music how would you describe yourselves and which bands would you rate as your influences?

- We are a self managed self funded DIY folk punk band playing energetic high energy positive anti corporate activist rock music celebrating the cultures of resistance in the world. We like all music but are influenced by punk and folky stuff the last album we listened to a bit of ACDC we like tough backing and tuneful screaming lyrics its about putting out a message to recreate communities and attack the authorities.

D. You're coming up here to play a gig at the Throb nightclub on June 6 - what expectations do you have and what can the audience expect?

- We expect hot sweaty dancing / the women to dig our pro women songs, the murris to like our cover of Treaty and anyone whose into celebrating tough music that's definitely not redneck.

Ecowar Press Photo D. Getting back to the political nature of your music - what elements of contemporary society do you see that are in need of attention? Looking at Australia - how well are we positioning ourselve to successfully embrace / manage globalisation?

- Our capitalist oriented society has got to go before it takes us all with it. We need more community, more sharing and to give up on our luxuries and elite lifestyles. Fuck corporate globalisation.

D. What inspired you to broach the arena of music and politics considering a large proportion of listeners appear disinterested in the amalgamation of the two? Can the pepsi generation be repoliticised to think outside the box?

- We are not part of the music industry we play to inspire activists and to add energy to people living in the underground and people with a desire for freedom and peace ... we don't give a shit about trying to get big or suiting some market - we play politics and community building for people who want it ... of course music and politics works advertisers use it all the time selling shit with emotion stirring music its a fundamental part of human life in Celtic time music was the newspaper and TV.

D. Why did you choose the name Ecowar and what strategies can you suggest to attain some improvements in community well being? All this techno babble of sustainability and empowerment - is it just that - regurgitated jargon intended to placate real structural change from occurring?

- Our name Ecowar was seen sprayed painted up as graffiti at a protest - its our generations' economic wars and ecological wars we have to bring down the current system it is heading us all to destruction tactic? Whatever you can do - do itcop ok fight make a banner get on the phone talk to your neighbour ... be smart, violence isn't the only revolutionary path ... communities have to unite that is the most important getting our families and respect and love for all / people happening and standing up to the ones who use force against innocent civilians.